Where Can I Find Luxury Watches Brands in Dubai?

thumbs blancpain x fathoms 1 Where Can I Find Luxury Watches Brands in Dubai?Dubai offers all the popular and famous watches brands in the world, there is no watch brand that you will hear of that is not available in Dubai, it stocks not only the first class Swiss Watches brands but also the normal and average brands for visitors looking for new affordable watches. These brands of watches are either sold in their own brand store or under a prominent Dubai name of a jewellery or watches house. There are many watches agents and jewelry stores where you can find the renowned watches brands in Dubai.
In Dubai, you can find stores that stock and sell high-end watches that are made of the best Swiss, Italian, or German mechanisms, such as: Rolex, Hublot, Breitling, Cartier, Chopard, Ulysse Nardin, Dior, Tag Heuer, Gucci, Omega, Audemars Piguet, Mont Blanc, etc. On the other hand there are other stores who offer the more affordable designer watches brands made by fashion houses, such as: DKNY, Emporio Armani, Guess, Luxurman, Aqua Master, Joe Rodeo, Just Bling, La Mer, Zodiac, Bulova, Breda, Glam Rock, Invicta, Bulova, etc. The latter types of watches mainly focus on the outward appearance or look rather than the actual performance.  Let’s have a look at some of the most famous watches agents in the Dubai and the UAE.


Al Futtaim Watches 

Owned by the Al Futtaim group which is not only one of the renowned but also the biggest company in Dubai, these jewellery and watches stores distribute and sell watches and jewellery of all kinds from the most notable brands based on a contract.  This ensures that only watches and jewellery stores with an official agreement can stock and sell their watches brands. Al Futtaim watches brands includes but not limited to; Seiko, Raymond Weil, Wenger, Esprit, Rovina and Kolber Geneve. There are also several sports watches sold by Al Futtaim store and such as: Adidas, Zing and Puma plus there are also several fancy watches for children especially Disney watches. There is an Al Futtaim store in almost every shopping mall.

ulysse nardin unveils 1 1 million royal blue tourbillion watch 1 Where Can I Find Luxury Watches Brands in Dubai?

Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons Watches 

The Seddiqi family group is one of the most prominent and highest selling companies in Dubai and this group has exclusive and signed agreements with famous Swiss and French watches brands to sell their high quality watches in their stores. Some of the most notable watches brands that they sell include; Audemars Piguet, Concorde, Baume and Mercier, Forsay, Greubel, Patek Philipe, and Piaget. This family also stocks various notable designer watches brand in their stores like Chanel, Chopard, Hermes, Armani and Ralph Lauren. Ahmed Seddiqi Dubai based company sells a collection of the best and most sought after Swiss watches brands and they are available for men and women in every shopping mall.

Damas Jewellery Watches

thumbs amvox5 world chronograph lmp1 Where Can I Find Luxury Watches Brands in Dubai?Damas is one of the most Gold and Jewelry stores series in the Arab Region and the Gulf. But these stores are not only specialized in jewellery but also designer and diamond watches brands and they mostly offer watches brands from France and Italy. Damas Les Exclusives offers very prominent and expensive brands like the Chronoswiss, the Vacheron Constantin, Perellet and the Parmigiani. Other Dams stores sell watches of Paco Rabanne, Visetti and Jaques Lemans among many other brands.

Bin Hendi Watches

This is a huge and very famous Dubai based company that has acquired the agency of several international brands to distribute all types of accessories, jewellery, watches, cell phones and clothes. This company has a department that specializes in selling jewellery and watches brands like Ulysse Nardin, Nubeo, Jacob & Co., and Porsche Design.

Kanary Luxury Watches

thumbs lv tambour minute repeater Where Can I Find Luxury Watches Brands in Dubai?One of the leading online retailers in UAE of elite brands website is Kanary watches. Kanary Watches have an advanced shopping system and remarkable communication system that makes the customer aware of their order status apart from offering exceptional customer services.
Watches available at KanaryLuxuryWatches.com are the emblem of quality and style. It is the official hub of many branded watches. They offer guaranteed genuine watches and also offer reliable after sales services. Kanary Watches promise quality at affordable prices. And the reason behind their reasonable prices compared to the market prices is that they are just offering online shopping services which saves ample cost of having a full fledge showroom. The other reason is that they deal with the mother companies directly thus, eliminating intermediaries costs. Visit Kanary Watches store from here.
In Dubai you will get to see not just the most colorful watches brands but also different kinds from most luxury to regular everyday brands.


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